We are proud to bring our expertise and experience in Building and Construction to home-owners. With our experience in Building and Construction and our knowledge of the latest regulations, we aim to bring quality work to all our clients. 


Our services include:

- Plumbing and Sanitary Works for Bathroom/Kitchen Remodelling Renovations

- BTO Toilet and Kitchen Supply and Install Packages

- Home Improvement Work

- Pump Maintenance and Repair Work

For all types of residential units: BTO/HDB Resale/Condo/Landed etc

For all types of commercial units: Offices/Restaurants etc

Why Choose Us?

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to quality in material- we use only industry approved materials to contamination-free potable water supply. They are more durable and will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. We are committed to quality in workmanship- with our knowledge and experience, we promise to deliver high quality installations for you.

Value-Added Services

We want to provide first-in-class service for our clients. With us, you can expect a synergised working relationship. We offer consultancy services in plumbing and other related areas, such as waterproofing and leakages problems.

For our business clients- we believe in a long-term working relationship. This will be achieved through a transparent pricing system and constant liaison from project start till end. No more uncontactable plumber problems. 

Compliance to Regulations

The authorities are becoming stricter on Plumbing and Sanitary Codes and Regulations. Many companies who do not engage Licensed Plumbers/Trained Plumbers end up with installation errors and habits that go unnoticed. These oversights may result in leaks, pipe bursts, or even compromise the standards of the potable water supply, resulting in illness and death. Avoid these troubles with the authorities. To give our customers a peace of mind, our team makes sure to adhere to these codes strictly at all times.